8 Factors That Influence the Timeline of Learning Python

8 Factors That Influence The Timeline Of Learning Python

By: Faizal Khan

Have you chosen Python as your programming language when starting to make your place in the coding world? You made the right choice as its demand has increased by 41% in the global market. However, besides being one of the easiest programming languages, it will take time to set your hands on it.

If you are wondering how much time it would take to become handy in this language, you are at the right place. Well, it depends on various factors. Give your 5 minutes to read this blog post as we are about to reveal 5 important factors that will influence the timeline of learning Python. 

Prior Experience

Experience always wins. No matter which field you are in, if you have any prior experience in it, things will get easier for you. Experience is like a compass, which will guide you effectively throughout the journey. 

If you are familiar with other programming languages such as Java or C++, it will not take much time for you to understand how to swim in the sea of Python. On the other hand, if you are just taking your step into the programming world, it might take you time to grasp the fundamentals of the language. 

Learning Style

The timeline of learning something depends a lot on one’s learning style. Everyone has different learning styles which directly influence the time they would take to grasp something. Some prefer formal education like going to a college and learning from a structured environment, while some believe in self-learning by leveraging the online sources available. 

Before taking your steps into the programming world, make sure you have a good understanding of learning styles. 

Dedication and Time Investment

Dedication and time investment not just influence but decide how much time you would take to learn something. If you are willing to put enough dedicated time into learning Python, it will take fewer days from your calendar and you will become handy in the language. 

If you practice constantly, even in small increments, you will reach the finish line before time. No matter if you put in less than an hour a day, just be focused and you will see the results yourself. 

Resources and Support

Last but not least, with the right resources and support you can ease your Python learning journey. Textbooks, online courses, forums, and communities are the great source for learning Python. 

Do you have any mentor or someone from your family or friends, who belongs to the coding world? If not then find one as they will be able to save a lot of your time by providing the right resources and support. You can also seek help from a Python assignment help India, in case you are not able to find anyone from your network.

Learning Objectives

We always decide where we want to go before leaving our homes, that is exactly what you need to do before stepping into the world of programming. Decide what you want to do to save your time from getting confused. 

Is your aim to develop web applications, data science, or automation, and then begin your journey? Once you receive the answer to this question, break it down into small tasks as you can not walk 100 miles in one go.


There are millions of factors that influence the timeline of learning Python but these 5 are the most effective ones. Prior experience, learning styles, dedication, time investment, learning objectives, resources, and support, will decide how much time you will need to become handy with Python language. Do not hesitate to seek help from a Python assignment helper as it will save you good time.